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Dr. Kyle W. Taylor
New Dentist Office
3,585 SF
West Arbors Drive, Charlotte, NC
Pinnacle Architecture
The Simple Building Solution™ is a unique process
for planning, building, and financing a commercial building project while maintaining simplicity, balance, and focus while you are doing it. It is based on the idea that constructing a building for your use, your team's enjoyment, and your client's visits should not be a painful experience.

The Simple Building Solution is designed to let you control the details of the entire construction process, to make decisions easy to make in a context you understand, and to allow you to focus your attention on the most important issues at the most important times in the construction process.

Here's how the Simple Building Solution works:
Click on the steps below for a brief description of each phase of the process.

All building projects are made up of things that work and those that don't. The Simple Building Solution Progress Monitor is designed to make sure the things that are working continue to do so and the things that are not are transformed as quickly as possible. Measurements of plan-to-actual and
projected-to-variance in terms of time, money and materials are all part of the confidence reinforcing structure of our Progress Monitor