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“I am grateful that I now have a friend who I know to be an excellent General Contractor instead of a General Contractor who used to be a friend.”
— Mr. Herman Moore, Rudolph Moore Properties
H.C. Barrett & Associates, Inc. has been building commercial and residential projects for its clients for nearly 25 years
in and around Charlotte, NC. We are currently doing work for some or all of those clients now, and all of our goals are focused on providing those services for clients in the future.

Our company philosophy is based on partnering with you to strategize your future around the building or residence that you want built - we are more to our clients than simply a vendor of services and products. Our entire structure as a company is designed to help you achieve the result that you want using our years of accumulated wisdom and experience as well as our knowledge of and ability to source reliable sub contractors and suppliers.

H.C. Barrett & Associates has designed a unique process to construct buildings that allows us to function much like a top rate film studio. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as executive producers in a project that stars you. Just like a winning Hollywood Producer, we assemble the most talented and best suited team for the production you want - whether it's a commercial building for your business or a dream home for your family.

When you work with us your project becomes a complete delegation to us and our team of experts. We transform your fears about the project into very focused thought, action, and communication, turning weaknesses into strengths and obstacles into opportunities for innovation and breakthroughs.

Our entire company is focused on creating confidence for you with whatever construction project you are contemplating. The proper licensing, industry credentials, and good standing with our community and clients are simply the table stakes in today's competitive market place. H.C. Barrett & Associates leverages those basics, allowing you to feel confident that your project will be completed the way you want it, when you want it, and within the budget you wanted. We've kept our overhead low, our expertise high, and our commitment to you in the front of our thinking.

Come work with us. You'll be glad you did.