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“In this day of shoddy work by contractors, it is a real pleasure to recommend H. C. Barrett & Associates work. Whether large or small, Charlie gave us good service, good workmanship, and most of all displayed integrity which is a rare quality among construction contractors today - from what I have seen.”
— Judge Robert D. Potter
H.C. Barrett & Associates understand the years of achievement that it takes
to be able to contemplate creating your own commercial building or dream home. After nearly 25 years of working with people just like you they know what it is that worries you, what excites you, and the strengths that you bring to the table to help you minimize your fears and maximize your opportunities around the construction experience.

Our team of experts knows what excites you about beginning a commercial or residential experience:

We have also identified the three most common fears among our clientele and designed processes and procedures to help minimize those fears and concerns:

Finally, H.C. Barrett & Associates understands the strengths that you bring to whatever project, commercial or residential, that you are beginning:

H.C. Barrett & Associates is excited about it's future and yours. Come work with us. You'll be glad you did.